Prepare for the Winter with your Khadi Must-Have Care Package

According to Vedic Literature, the human body needs to be cared for in different ways for every season, be it summer, winter or monsoon. It is not unknown that during winter months, skin tends to dry out a lot easier as compared to hot and humid months.

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Besides your skin, even hair gets weaker and more brittle when it is cold outside. Hair tends to break more easily which is why a good moisturising shampoo helps to maintain hair health.

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Read on to learn some quick tips on how to keep your body winter ready!

What you need to take care of both you hair and your skin during the winter months is:


1. Keep away Stress

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One of the biggest reasons for having skin issues such as acne & rapid ageing is stress.

Lou Holtz rightly said, "It's not the load that breaks you down; it's the way you carry it."

Interestingly, this study that shows that Indian women are the most stressed of the lot in the world!


2. Eat Well

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If you follow a balanced diet most of your skin problems are bound to go away. It is scientifically proven that "you are what you eat" so make sure you eat well, and eat on time!


3. Play it Safe

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Stick to safe solutions, home made and natural remedies for dry skin. If your lips start to chap and over dry because of the cold wind, simply apply some honey or Vaseline petroleum jelly. Similarly take care of your feet as they are prone to getting colder by applying moisturising creams and then wearing socks and sleeping in.

Read this fascinating article about the Multiple Benefits of Chemical-Free and Natural Products.


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