Reasons why you should Avoid Parabens & Sulfate Shampoos

Hair is a gift from God that Indian women prize very dearly. What goes in our hair care products then should very much be our business to find out as much about.

Off late, awareness about things like Parabens & Sulfates, that were until recently very blindly accepted without a trace of doubt have been up for debate and women everywhere have become more proactive and questioning what actually goes inside their shampoos.

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Commercial brands conduct mass manufacture in factories of products like shampoo and use n number of chemicals that pass industry grades and are considered "safe." But it's only recently that brands such as ours are taking a stand and building awareness about harmful ingredients that people have unknowingly using for over decades now.

So what exactly are Parabens?

Parabens are basically really cheap preservatives. The purpose of a preservative, most commonly found in packaged food products like a bag of Lays, is to increase the shelf life of the product. Big international brands find that using parabens in shampoos increase their shelf life considerably and at the same time they cut costs.

Why Say No to Parabens?

Research says that parabens are found as much as an average of 20 nanograms per gram of breast cancer tumour tissue. Why risk your skin to the threat of cancer cell growth?

Also, parabens tend to mimic the function of Estrogen - the major Female hormone and once penetrated into the skin can cause muscle mass reduction and creation of fat. Inversely, parabens affect the male reproductive system by lowering testosterone levels.

And what about Sulfates, what are they?

Sulfates, simply put, are foaming agents. They are responsible for artificially causing rich lather while shampooing which directly gives an impression of hair coming out cleaner. It is very common for us to receive feedback from our customers that our shampoos that have a mild herbal formulation generally does not create a thick lather. This is because they are free from sulfates and have instead naturally occurring foaming agents.

So why ditch Sulfates?

Dermatologists worldwide recommend a natural product that is gentle for all hair types and suggest steering clear away from chemical rich & unknown ingredient-rich formulations.

The simple answer is a question: why should you use anything you don't trust completely and have reasonable knowledge of? Read labels carefully: don't let any agent come between you and your hair care.


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  • Kumkum Sharma says...

    Hi. I wanted to clarify whether The Khadi Shop shampoos are SLS and prabenes free?? I was checking out some products from Khadi Natural and they clearly mention on the packaging if that product is SLS and prabenes free but i dont find anything like that mentioned on your products. Secondly, i saw The Khadi Shop products at and in the discription on those prodcts they mention -SLS and Prabene free.

    Please clarify so that i can make an informed decision before buying.

    On November 18, 2017

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