Caring for your hair the right way

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Every woman wants hair that turns heads around, is showered with compliments and is a reason for envy among other women. Many women indulge in chemical transformation of their hair, be it straightening, smoothening or colouring. What we actually forget are some really basic steps that we probably take every day but maybe not the right way.

Combing right:

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Combing your hair and combing right is very important. Most of us don’t want to comb our hair because we think it won’t knot and if it does, it will not affect our hair. Firstly, it is completely incorrect to assume that a knot is not going to affect your hair, or worse, not happen at all! Knots are formed mainly due to dirt and pollution mixing with your hair, a mélange of which becomes an ugly knot at the back of your neck. It is important to comb out your hair every day to achieve smooth knot-free hair. Also, the natural oils of your scalp get a chance to be circulated across the length of your hair, giving it a natural shine. The natural oil or sebum is known to be the best conditioner for your hair. As understated as it is, it is truly the most important.

Your hair’s natural oil strengthens your hair and makes it smoother. If not brushed properly, our scalp tends to get dry, turning flaky and subsequently into dandruff.

Hair should ideally be combed from root to tips to spread the oil evenly within your strands and if your ends are knotted, it is best to first detangle the knots before you move to your roots.

Also, combing before going for a long luxurious head wash is always the best option. Most of us avoid it thinking we are going to do it after a nice shampoo anyway; not realizing that hair is weakest when wet and thus, tends to break. To avoid attacking your hair when brittle, comb your hair before stepping into the shower.

For hair that becomes frizzy easily after a wash, use a cotton towel instead of the soft and heavy Turkish ones. The synthetic towels tend to tease you hair, making them drier and consequently frizzy. Use a cotton towel to dry your hair and see the difference instantly.

Eating right:

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Healthy food gives you a healthy countenance. Eat healthy for everything to function better, even to make your hair shine brighter!

Eating protein rich food such as lentils can improve your hair to a great extent. Lentils are full of iron-rich proteins that improve your hair growth alone with its luster. Also, consuming iron rich foods is a great source of strength for your hair. Food such as brinjal , spinach and other leafy vegetables recover the strength of your hair and even help in making your hair healthier for a long term.

Heavy indulgence in Aloe Vera is probably best for everything, including luscious locks of course. Aloe Vera paste and Aloe Vera juice are extremely bountiful when it comes to hair and its potential for great enhancement. Why fall back? Increase your Aloe Vera consumption for great hair and skin.

Another great source of hair goodness would be avocado. This rich creamy fruit is luxury for hair and skin both. Eating fruits like avocado affect your skin and you can see the affects from the next day itself.

Stocking up on banana and sweet potato is probably just right if you are looking to maintain your mane. You can make it fancy by adding a banana shake to your breakfast or eating sweet potato as sides for lunch! Remember your hair needs food too!

Top everything up with a regular intake of lemonade and orange juice and you are good to go! An increase in Vitamin C in your diet will give your hair oodles of health and so much volume. Vitamin C is a God source for hair and skin care. Eat your fruits right and indulge more in juices than in aerated drinks to achieve the hair you’ve always wanted!

Follow these simple everyday steps for hair that will thank you later!


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