Skincare Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

There are a million fads about skin care that we actually follow, and slowly lead our skin the wrong way. Practices and skin treatments that we perform everyday might actually be harming your skin instead of providing a solution for it.

Sleeping with make-up on:

Your laziness after a long tiring day or work, or even a long night of partying is completely understandable, but your skin has been paying the price. Removing make-up before sleep is extremely essential. Make up clogs your pores, be it on your eyes or on the rest of your face. The chemical elements in those products enter your skin and accelerate aging and drying process of your skin. Sleeping with make-up on is like skin suicide. Remove make-up with warm water and a toner before you hit the bed. Also, waking up the next day without make up makes you look younger, only because your skin has been able to rejuvenate itself the night before.

Exfoliating too much:

Are you sure you have been exfoliating regularly? Are you exfoliating much too often? If yes, then you need to stop immediately. Anything in excess is bad, including exfoliation. Sometimes in the process, you rub too hard and affect the real protective layer over your skin that shields it from unwanted damage. Even people with oily skin must not exfoliate too hard. You don’t want to affect what is actually important now, do you?

Touching your face too much:

Everyone reading this article, some time or the other subconsciously touches their skin. Be it sleeping with their hand over their face or constantly tugging, pulling or touching your face, everyone here is guilty. Touching your face too much causes all the dirt and grime of your hands to stick to your face, making your face one the dirtiest part of your body. Avoid it! All that dirt and grime actually gets collected on your skin, aggravating pimples, acne and blemishes.

Using the wrong cleanser:

Yes, there are specifics in everything. Try using cleansers that carry antioxidants and natural astringents that actually go deep into your pores to cleanse your skin, without harming your skin internally.

Sleeping with your hair all over your face:

It is very crucial for you to tie up your hair before you hit your pillow. Your hair collects dirt and pollution all through  the day, and if you let it fall on your face, your face gets it too. Specially people with bangs, it is best if you clip them back before you sleep so that you avoid getting pimples on your forehead.

Washing the pillow case and covers:

Regular washing of bed linen avoids a lot of skin problems. Also, if you have been using cotton pillow covers, it is best if you switch to silk pillow covers. They tend to not press against your skin, reducing the amount of wrinkles, leaving all the collagen safe and unaffected.

The make-up brush:

Before you apply make-up on your face, make sure you are using a clean make-up brush to avoid any over-clogging of pores and hence, maintain healthy skin hygiene. A dirty make-up brush causes all sorts of problems such as blocking your pores, pre-mature aging and even skin problems like pimples.

These are a few mistakes we all make. The sooner we correct it, the better it is!

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