How Gorging on Strawberries helps!

Red and luscious, strawberries are what we replace our guilty pleasures with. Everyone loves these good-looking fruits for not just their vibrant colour and taste but also what they are to your skin and hair, which is a great help. Strawberries not just satiate you when you are hungry but actually go into your system to cleanse your system. They have several properties that can make your skin and hair as good as new.


Strawberries come abundant with Vitamin C and salicylic acids that act as cleansers and exfoliants for your skin, making them clearer and better. The Salycylic acid removes all the dead skin, leaving your skin purer and glowing. Also, strawberries can be used for tired skin to rejuvenate it. It has antioxidants that remove anything that might be hampering the health of your skin such as allergies and rashes, leaving you refreshed. You can even use strawberries to clear age or sun spots. Apply the juice over your skin and leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and say hello to your glowing skin. Strawberries have anti-aging properties and help prevent premature wrinkles. The amount of vitamin C, salicylic acid and AHAs in straberries helps in making your skin less oily and clear acne and pimples, tightening your pores. Use it regularly to reduce pimples and make your skin clearer.

Treatment of under eye puffiness

Strawberries are astringent, which makes them great to reduce puffiness under your eye and even reduce circles. You can just cut strawberries into slices, put them under your eye and keep it so for 10 minutes. Wash it off , moisturise and then see the effect you have always desired.

Use it as a foot scrub

As strawberries have exfoliating properties, you can make a mixture with oats and apply it on your feet and use it like a foot scrub. Exfoliate nicely to see your feet feeling smooth and clean.

For Hair

Strawberries come rich in ellagic acids that help in making your hair thicker. If you have thin hair, strawberries would be a dependable solution for you. IT has folic acids and vitamin B12 that strengthen your hair and prevent it from aging and further thinning.

Strawberries help in achieving lovely thick and silky hair that is evershining. Mix it with mayonnaise and put the paste in your hair for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it off and see for yourself, healthy luscious hair just like the fruit itself. Its conditioning properties smoothen dry and damaged hair, making it smoother and feel healthier.

Strawberries are used in shampoos as a conditioner and rejuvenator. It adds life and hydrates dry and damaged hair.

So ladies, gorge on strawberries because it will do you oodles of good! Also, if you can’t use the juice or make a paste, you can always use the Khadi Strawberry Soap to achieve the same effects, because it is nothing but natural!

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