How to avoid getting split ends without trimming off your length?

Most of us dread seeing the tiny yet horrific calamity on the ends of our hair. In fact, we even try denying it. We postpone hair cut appointments to retain the length we worked so hard for. So Ladies, here is a way to save your long flowing hair from the sure curse of split ends.

Always use a wide-toothed comb

Using a wide toothed comb with sturdy bristles that don’t hurt your scalp is of paramount importance. Wide toothed combs allow you to brush out your knots without damaging and tugging at them. When you apply your conditioner after a nice shampoo, use this comb to separate your hair and spread the conditioner evenly. If done regularly, this affects your hair in the way you want to and prevents split ends by moisturizing your hair evenly.  

Use less heat tools

All of us love to look different on different occasions, but how many of us stop to think how it is affecting our hair? Hot rollers and straightening tongs kill your hair a bit each time they are used. Also, the heat causes your hair to dry, hence more split ends. Try to use these heat tools as little as possible, maybe save them for a really special occasion where you can afford to sacrifice the health of your hair.

Deep condition and be gentle

Try and stay as natural as you can. Don’t use a teasing comb to tease your hair as in the end the knots are going to make your hair weaker, inviting split ends. Also, deep condition your hair thrice a week. Oil your hair regularly and well to keep your hair hydrated and moisturise. Change your Turkish towel with a cotton based towel and use that to wipe your hair. Turkish towels tend to dry your hair a little too much, whereas the thin cotton fabric keeps it enough hydrated, but takes care of the dripping wetness. If your hair is getting too static, take a bit of oil, mix it with a few drops of water and apply over your hair like a serum. It is an age old recipe that never fails.

Stay away from chemicals!

If colouring your hair isn’t important this month, don’t. Stay away from chemical straightening, perming, highlights, colouring or any other treatment that you think you require. It is like entering the Gas Chamber for your hair. Such treatments cause trauma that take a long time for your hair to heal. Cut your main some slack, and go natural instead. When you are blow drying, make sure to use the nozzle so that the impact of the hot air is lessened and has a direction.

Washing your hair in hot water

Use warm water of cool water to wash and rinse your hair. Hot water makes your hair dry, which is a big reason for increasing split ends. Use a slightly cooler temperature of water for your hair alone.

Eating healthy

Somehow eating healthy is the solution to everything, even to split ends. Increase on your vitamins and folic acids to treat your hair the right way. Try and increase your intake of green leafy vegetables, wheat, oatmeal, oranges and lime etc that are rich in an array of vitamins and folic acid.

Follow these completely natural steps to say bye to your split ends forever and hello to long and voluptuous hair.


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