Don’t Stress!

Would it scare you if I said that stress doesn’t just affect your mind? Stress causes the release of a lot of hormones such as cortisol that in turn affect your whole body, including your skin.

Have you seen a pattern in your stress and your skin? It is easy to gauge a pattern between your breakouts and the amount of stress you have been taking. The calmer you are, the better your skin is. Stress also tends to aggravate any skin problem you may be having. Problems such as rashes and allergies tend to flare due to the amount of cortisol produced.

The ultimate solution for you would be to keep calm all the time – which we understand isn’t possible, hence try and reduce your stress taking capacity by following a few steps.

Get sleep

Indulge in an activity you enjoy

Learn to measure situations and take stress accordingly

Drink a lot of water to balance your mind and body

Follow a good skincare routine and don’t neglect it under any circumstances.

Remember, when you are stressing, your skin is paying for it!

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