How to Take Care of Your Skin This Summer

Summers are a horrible time for your skin. It is hot and sunny, increasing aging and tan for your skin and perspiration and humidity causes skin to become sticky. Not to forget the constant heat, that warns us about the skin breakouts we may have. Here are a few tips you could follow in this summer and beat the heat off your skin!

Be sure to use a sunscreen lotion

Use a sunscreen lotion even when you are indoors. The UV rays of the sun tend to enter even indoor spaces, and cause the skin to tan and age. Definitely never forget to apply sunscreen when you are out or on the go.


Keep your make-up light in summer because make up tends to clog the pores, and in summer, your skin needs to breathe as much as it can.



Follow a strict CTM routine, which includes cleansing your face, toning and wrapping up with moisturizing. Use products that are water based instead of oil based. Use a cleansing product that has lemon, neem or aloe vera in it. All of these elements are cooling and great to be used for skin during summer. If you don’t like to use a toner, you can even use rose water. It is advisable to refrigerate the rose water before you apply it. It will have a calming effect on your skin, also rose water is a natural coolant, and so even if you don’t refrigerate it, it would be just fine.

Food habits

During summers it is of utmost importance that you eat healthy and the optimum food for the climate. Food like spinach and other green leafy vegetables are great for skin. Also, you should indulge in gourds and cucumbers because they have a great amount of water content that hydrates your skin. Eat a lot of fruits and always have some lemonade. Lemon works wonders for skin, hydrating and clearing it.  Decrease your intake of food that cause body heat, such as mangoes, red meat etc.

Water and other Fluids

Drink a lot of water. Make a conscious effort to increase the amount of water you drink and you will see a difference in your skin over time. Also, drink fresh juices of vegetables and fruits, especially those with rich in Vitamin C to enjoy great skin and hydration. 

These were a few measures that will help your skin get through the harsh sunny summer of India.

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