Some Mint for Skin

Mint is usually used as a coolant and refreshment in food and after food. What people don’t know is that mint is also a great help for irritated skin on the body. It also acts like a disinfectant and insecticide by removing lice from hair, leaving it unharmed.

These are a few functions of mint which we thought you might like to remember in the hot weather:

Mint tends to contain soothing elements that soothe and heal mosquito bites and other irritations like rashes on skin. It also hydrates dry skin and softens it.

Using oats with mint juice helps skin in a great way. It reduces pimple marks and the pimples themselves and also is a great exfoliant. If done regularly, skin does become devoid of pimples.

Mint paste helps getting rid of black heads. All you have to do is apply mint paste on the areas where you have black heads, keep it for 15 minutes and wash it later to remove them completely. Mint can also successfully reduce the extra oil produced by our skin, and keep it proper.

The vitamin A and Salycylic acid present in mint helps get rid of all the acne and even its marks. Also, because it is an extra oil removing agent it gets rid of stubborn acne and helps close pores and shrink them to size.

Used regularly, especially in summers, mint can be a real boon for your skin. We also recommend that you consume it by adding it in lemonades and other coolers so that it keeps your body clean too, protecting your skin. Also, you can use the mint soap by Khadi to remove acne and pimples from skin.





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