Assorted Natural Handmade Soaps - Indian Rejuvenation (Pack of 6)

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Suitable for: Normal Skin

Invigorate your skin like never before with our spa kit of soaps meant to reawaken all your senses. Sweet-smelling Jasmine and Lavender has a calming effect and Eucalyptus is a powerful mood enhancer. Essential oils like Jojoba and Olive combine with sweet floral aromas of Hibiscus & Geranium. Mix it up with the oriental Lemongrass scent and transform your bath everyday. Take on the day feeling energised by transforming your shower into a mini home spa.


Luxuriously Handmade with Essential Oils
Filled with the goodness of glycerine, vegetable fats, and natural essential oils, Khadi is a fine blend of luxury for your skin. Handmade and carefully put together, we ensure no chemical traces and thus are proud of a 100% natural product. Each essential oil has specific benefits. These exotic fragrances along with the benefits of herbs and oils recommended in Ayurveda are ideal for beautiful, healthy skin.

Jasmine with Vitamin E Soap (125 gm)
Eucalyptus Soap (125 gm)
Lavender Soap (125 gm)
Hibiscus Soap with Jojoba Oil Soap (125 gm)
Geranium Soap with Olive Oil Soap (125 gm)
Lemongrass Soap (125 gm)

Main Ingredients
Essential Oils
Soap Base

  100% Vegetarian & Cruelty-Free

We take meticulous effort in ensuring that all our products are a 100% vegetarian. No animal elements and products are used in the production process. Few products where animal-derived ingredients are used, like honey, the ingredient has been harvested having caused no harm to the animal. The Khadi Shop's products are Cruelty-Free as we believe that testing on animals is as unnecessary as it is unethical. We use only the richest ingredients made from nature.


Best Before: 2 Years from Date of Manufacture
Made in India
Proudly Made in India