About Us

History of Khadi
The brand Khadi took form as a part of the freedom struggle to revive village industries, under the leadership and encouragement of Mahatma Gandhi, to provide them with the wherewithal to make their own basic needs for a comfortable life. Today, Khadi conjures a vision of villages that stand independent all over India, as a sincere effort to make villagers wholly self-sufficient. Pure, basic goodness and a gift of nature. It is in a manner - the essence of India.
The word Khadi imbibes all that is pure, natural, earthy and wholesome. So far, we are showcasing over 45 aromas of luxuriously handmade soaps made with essential oils. Read more about why choose Khadi Natural products in our Blog post here.

The Khadi Vision - Village Industries & Khadi
The Khadi vision is to plan, promote, facilitate, organise and assist in the establishment and development of Khadi and village industries in the rural areas in coordination with other agencies engaged in rural development wherever necessary.

Khadi in Village Industries has been around since during the revolutionary freedom struggle of India for the socio-economic objectives of creating employment and increasing self-reliance amongst the rural poor, what with the setup cost requiring little or no capital. In view of stark income, regional, and rural/urban inequalities, Khadi and Village industries suits India tremendously, she being a labour surplus country.

And What's The Khadi Shop's Role?
We at The Khadi Shop are a passionate bunch who strongly believe in the marketing of Khadi products in and outside India. We want to take the brand and give it the recognition it deserves and we do this by sourcing only from Khadi recognised manufacturers from the length and breadth of Indian villages.

The Khadi Shop was born of a dream to introduce you, the nature loving and sustainable living evangelist to a range of bath and skin care products created on those very principles. We strongly believe that soaps are meant to be handmade with love, and with using only the purest, most gentle ingredients that are suitable for all ages and skin types. It's our job to spread the use of natural and mild Khadi products to all Indians. This allows to be instrumental in the path for change in making our country self-reliant.
Our Products
The Khadi Shop range consists of soaps, oils, shampoos, face washes, face toners, creams, bubble bath, conditioner, face packs and scrubs. All the formulations are 100% organic and we use no artificial preservatives or chemicals. We would love to hear from you if there's a product type you have in mind that you would like us to create for you.
Made with Love
We take pride in ensuring meticulous and thorough quality checks in the production process so that you, the customer gets a product that is pure and unadulterated. We are passionate about each and every product that is made and love to proactively participate at every stage of the product development.

Feel free to contact us at namaste@thekhadishop.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.

|| Jai Hind ||